Speakers' Corner 2021: research and ideas on digital topics

Speakers' corner 2021: an event in presence and live streamed dedicated to the presentations of researches/studies/field projects/business ideas realized and presented by the students of the USI-SUPSI-FUS universities on topics related to the world of digital & tech. 

Introduction and moderation:
Giovanni Pellegri, Head of L'ideatorio USI
Elena Marchiori, Scientific Collaborator, Lugano Living Lab - City of Lugano

with interventions by: 
Lhayla Blendinger and Giorgia Blotti,RSI Digital Communication Specialists: from the idea to the communication for the web;
Silvia Giordano, Professor in Complex Systems & Pervasive Networking at the Department of Innovative Technologies, SUPSI e Luca Luceri, Researcher and Head of the Network Science research unit at the Institute of Networking and Information Systems, SUPSI. Come gli adolescenti affrontano le fake news.

Speakers'corner is the extra-curricular project for the students of Università della Svizzera italiana USI, Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana SUPSI e Franklin University Switzerland FUS in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab - City of Lugano, L'ideatorio and the WeTube-RSI space.

Technological innovation and digitisation are at the heart of society and our daily lives. Therefore, the studies and research carried out in these areas are becoming increasingly valuable as opportunities for further study and discovery, both for companies and institutions and for citizens. Speakers' Corner aims to be a platform for presenting, promoting and giving voice to the research of the students of the three universities in Ticino, particularly in Lugano. 

The project is the result of the City of Lugano's desire to promote concrete projects to raise awareness of digital issues by enhancing skills in the area. It is also important for the City of Lugano to set up a network of collaborations and exchanges between academics, institutions and individuals acting as facilitator and coordinator. Among the strategic objectives presented in the Lines of Development 2018-2028, in fact, Lugano is committed to promoting digitisation in all areas, with an emphasis on the training of the younger generations.

A Covid certificate is required at the entrance

10.11.2021, 10:00 – 12:30
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