How to use an online whiteboard

We will teach, how people can use an online whiteboard for business meetings, for online lessons (schools, universities) and for digital workshops. Our goal is to introduce this new technology. With these skills people can collaborate more effectively in meetings and create more interactive and engaging online lessons.

All of use gained a lot of experience using audio- and video conference systems in the last months. We mastered them and know now different tools and how to use them and how to behave during a video call. Some already experienced some real-time collaboration in a single document (for example google doc) or made some pools or other interactive exercises during the audio- und video calls.

From our onsite meetings a lot of people were used to work with whiteboards, flipcharts, project walls or in Schools with the blackboard. When we meet online we do not have these tools available in the form we know it.

Since several years there are technologies available that allow people to collaborate on a digital whiteboard in real-time from everywhere. These online whiteboards are often used as an additional element in virtual calls to foster collaboration.

In our session we will introduce this technology and show how online whiteboard can be used to improve collaborative processes during online meetings, workshops or events.

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