Thematic Event: Digitalisation - Climate Killer or Climate Protector?

This is a joint event between WWF Schweiz, One Planet Lab and GreenBuzz Zurich.

Technology will continue to transform our lives, and the growth of businesses will depend upon it. Digitalisation has seen a huge jump triggered by the Covid crisis. Millions of businesses around the world have transformed and digitized at a hyper pace. But where there’s light there’s usually dark, too. So what are the good and the bad sides of this megatrend?

As digitalisation is developing rapidly, so is the demand for energy and valuable resources. The power for our smartphones, streaming services and social networks has so far mainly come from fossil fuels. Some estimate that in just a few years, the digital industry will cause more carbon emissions worldwide than all motorised traffic. In fact, it already accounts for 4% of global carbon emissions

But technology doesn’t have to be a climate killer. It can also be used as a force for good, and digitalisation can substantially help in promoting climate protection. For example, digital solutions enable the shared economy, help curb emissions that would otherwise happen through business trips or make agricultural practices more efficient and sustainable. 

So on the occasion of Digital Day Switzerland 2021, we are asking how digitalisation can be a force for good, a driver for innovation, and go hand in hand with sustainability instead of harming the environment. 

We will hear from industry leaders and sustainably-oriented entrepreneurs who are all working towards making Switzerland a notable digital innovation hub.

Join our discussion on November 2nd, for which the up and coming tech start up Smallpdf are opening their doors to us, and get inspired! 

18:00 – 18:30 Registration
18:30 – 18:45 Welcome by GreenBuzz, Smallpdf & One Planet Lab
18:45 – 18:50 Introduction into the Topic by our Moderator Simon Sudbury
18:50 – 19:00 Speaker Input by Carmen Sprus, Supervising Associate at EY Carbon
19:00 – 19:10 Spealer Input by Ivan Flinch, Co-responsible of scientific commitee at Institut du Numérique Responsable suisse and Founder of Canopé 

19:10 – 19:20 Speaker Input by Res Witschi, Delegate for Sustainable Digitalisation at Swisscom
19:20 – 19:40 Discussion with Questions from Slido
19:45 – 19:55 Digital Innovations – Lucie Rein, CEO at Sharely
20:00 – 20:10 Digital Innovations – Stephanie Feeney, Head of Partnerships at Restor
20:10 – 21:30 Apero / Buzzing

02.11.2021, 18:00 – 21:30
WWF Suisse
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