Lecture Series Kein Kino. Workshop on «Playful Machine Learning»

Andreas Refsgaard is an artist and creative coder based in Copenhagen. Working in art and interaction design, he uses algorithms, coding and machine learning to explore the creative potentials of emerging digital technologies.

His works have been published in New Scientist, Vice, Gizmodo, PSFK and Designboom, awarded by Interaction Awards and Core77 and exhibited in museums and at festivals in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Andreas applies a humorous and cheerful approach to digital tools and their potential applications, purposes, and values in his artistic practice. His works often consist of imaginative and unconventional inputs and outputs, allowing people to, e.g. play music using eye movement, control games by making silly sounds or transform drawings of musical instruments into real compositions.

His playful, somewhat wacky, and often interactive works are characterised by a naive and open-minded approach, which questions and exposes both the possible benefits and drawbacks of the applied technologies in a straightforward and frank manner.

About the interdisciplinary lecture series Kein Kino

The lecture series «KeinKino» is aimed at an interdisciplinary audience. The focus of the series is the discussion of projects in the intersection of design – arts – technology. The guests share their design processes and theoretical foundation on a project-by-project basis and invite to an open discussion.

The lecture series deals with pressing topics from game design, video art, social media, immersive arts, dance, theatre and composition for film and new media. The goal is to critically examine trends and the identification of productive collaborations between disciplines.

The series is intended as an invitation to exchange knowledge and to provide impulses for cross-disciplinary projects.

Andreas Refsgaard

Maike Thies

Head of lecture series & curator of the format:
Maike Thies


11.10.2021, 18:30 – 20:00
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