Facebook Grundausbildung zum Digital Marketing Associate (copy 3)

Language: English

Learn about the different products that are part of the Facebook family of apps and services.
Learn about Facebook's value proposition for businesses. 

Learn the steps to building a business presence on Facebook and Instagram.
Ad account setup
Best practices for ad creation for mobile devices.
Ad basics

What is the difference between an ad and a page post.
Setting up a Facebook campaign.
Business goals for Facebook campaign objectives.
Facebook pixels
Facebook ad cost accounting and where ads are shown.
How Facebook protects user data as well as common advertising guidelines.
Creating and managing ads.

Differences between available tools for creating and managing ads.
Campaign, ad group, and ad level settings.
Facebook campaign goals to achieve business objectives.
Audience options.
Budget and schedule options.
Budget and estimated results.

Campaign results based on ad reports.
Measuring the success of a campaign.

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08.11.2021, 09:00 – 11:00
Learning Lab
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