Collect, regenerate, enhance and distribute second-hand computer equipment

The expectation of having a computer in every home has been fulfilled and, with the arrival of the smartphone, has also been far exceeded.

Among the many positive effects of having a computer there is, for example, a great and widespread access to information and knowledge by many.

However, the use of computers also brings negative aspects, especially in terms of sustainability. Some examples: 
- e-waste management with regard to the environment;
- the digital divide with regard to more social aspects; 
- reduced life cycle of electronic devices. 
The eQuiD project wants to provide a concrete answer to these problems! Collection, regeneration, valorisation and distribution of used computer equipment. By the community, for the community.

During the Digital Day Lugano it will be possible to discover the project and to apply for or donate computers. 

More about the eQuiD project: