Extending Reality Virtually with AR VR & XR

With the innovations in technologies of the last decade in the areas of digital communication, a new era was ushered in where the use of Augmented, Virtuale, and Mixed and Extended Realities gave us new ways to experience the digital, which is shaping how we experience the outside world with our senses today and how that experience is now transformed by adding virtual layers over it. In the arts, these technologies have allowed artists to create new phantasmagoric worlds to immerse their visitors and to re-design the experience of participation itself. In the world of design, new technology has brought designers a new design tools and level of product interaction; in the field of Cultural Heritage, the digital has made it possible to approach the past and reimagine it through the lens. In this talk, the participants will discuss how new technologies have affected their areas of expertise and how these technologies have also brought about new domains of hybrid experience between the real and the virtual.

08/11/2021, 15:00 – 16:15
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