CorDiFio: a digital platform for early detection of heart disease in women

CorDiFio in Italian means “Heart of Fio,” and Fio was the name of founder’s mom who lost her life because of a misdiagnosis. This could have been easily avoided had she known that:
- #1 killer of women more than all cancers combined is heart disease.
- 50% of women following a heart attack get misdiagnosed.
- Women are 7 times more likely than men to be misdiagnosed.

CorDiFio is an awareness raising, early-detection and preventative digital platform for heart disease in women. The goal is to empower women & doctors in detecting heart disease in a timely manner. In cardiology, Time is Muscle.

At CorDiFio they are determined to ensure that no more women lose their lives when something can be done about it. For 80% of heart diseases and stroke are preventable if they are caught in time. Come learn about the platform, talk to the women you love, and let’s make their hearts beat longer!

About the founder
Petronela Sandulache is the founder of CorDiFio. With 10 years experience in consulting, innovation, and emerging tech across various industries she is determined to make women’s hearts beat longer.
She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Rome (Italy) and a MA in International Management from the University of Sydney (Australia) and the London School of Economics (UK), CEMS – top of the Dean’s list. She loves working within diverse and multicultural teams, and speaks fluently 4 languages. New ideas, travelling, magic and meeting new people while hiking or skiing are part of her favourite topics of enjoyment.

10/11/2021, 17:45 – 18:15
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