Challenging the Future in Arts & Design: Smart Technologies

Host: Eva Pauline Bossow, Zurich Centre for Creative Economies, ZHdK

Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality as well as digital manufacturing are no longer only of interest to large-scale industry. These smart tools increasingly find their way into a wide variety of disciplines at Zurich University of the Arts. They influence artistic processes and give rise to new aesthetic approaches, or transform traditional design processes by opening them up to more sustainable, inclusive and innovative production methods. Year after year, the experimental learning and research labs at ZHdK yield projects which prove that interdisciplinary, boundary-crossing ways of thinking can change entire disciplines and industry sectors. This virtual Learning Lab invites an interested audience to take a closer look at two projects which originated at Zurich University of the Arts.

BeWear – bespoke ai wear
Speaker: Verena Ziegler

BeWear is a startup with a global/local business model that has created the first clothing collection using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Patterns are generated by algorithms based on individual 3D body scan data – a radical alternative which enables the production of sustainable, inclusive fashion, without following standard rules, size zero ideologies or S-XL norms and genderification. The global AI fashion line is produced on demand and using a local network of tailors and dressmakers.

Project leaders:
Dr. Frauke Link & Verena Ziegler

Project partners:
Department of Computer Science/Interactive Geometry Lab (ETH Zurich), Hohenstein Institute Germany, Open Innovation Lab (University of Technology, Business and Design, Konstanz)


Journey to Recovery
Speakers: Randy Chen & Claudia Buck

«Journey to Recovery» is an app for children recovering from accidents that specifically aims to improve their quality of sleep. Using a fascinating story, the app functions as a playful companion for the children during their sleep therapy. Every evening before bedtime, a chapter can be unlocked, which teaches the young patient something new about sleep. The idea is to counteract the loss of motivation which children experience over the course of their therapy. A fascinating and captivating experience evolves, which encourages and supports them on their journey to recovery.

Claudia Buck & Randy Chen

Project partners:
SleepLoop (University of Zurich [UZH] and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich [ETH])


Winners of the ZHdK sponsorship award for best B.A. dissertation at the Department of Design, and of the SDA Award 2020.

Learning Lab
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