About The Swiss Digital Day

Digital Day 2021 took place for the fifth time and is becoming more decentralized every year. For the first time,  there was a 6 week long pre-phase leading up to the main event on 10 November. We are excited to offer even more opportunities for the public to dive into a ‘learning and dialogue’ phase through both online and physical activities. Under the direction of digitalswitzerland, we aim to make digitisation a tangible experience and promote dialogue on the subject. Our programme encourages collaboration, new ways of thinking and vibrant debate on varied topics. Learn new skills, question, open your digital horizons and most importantly have fun!

Our mission

With more than 120 partners and 19 partner cities/cantons across the country in 2021, we united like-minded digital enthusiasts, newcomers, industry experts and businesses to foster the development of ideas. In 2021, we again posed a question for all participants. What kind of digital future do you wish for? We must collaborate and debate to understand and plan for digital change for the Switzerland of tomorrow. We need your participation and voice to make this a success.

Driving the pace of change

By engaging the public, government, business, and academia, we create a platform to lead Switzerland forward. We are active in a wide range of fields such as cybersecurity, collaboration, innovation, knowledge transfer and the political framework. On the Digital Day, and every day that follows, we will stay committed to involving everyone in all things digital.

About digitalswitzerland

digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide, cross-industry initiative with the goal to strengthen and position Switzerland as a prominent global location for digital innovation. Sitting under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland, more than 220 association members and non-political foundation partners work together transversally to achieve this aim.

Making sustainability a focus

For the first time this year, the entire Digital Day and its 6-week preliminary phase will be carried out climate-neutrally and will therefore receive the "climate-neutral events" label from My Climate. The label recognizes activities for which greenhouse gas emissions are offset in myclimate carbon offset projects. As a Sustainabilty Partner, XING assumes the costs for the entire offsetting process. 

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